Set up Segments to work for you

You've heard of Segments in ConvertKit before, but you might not yet be quite sure what all of the settings mean, and how to set up a Segment for your specific needs.

In Segments and Broadcast filters, there are Filter Groups used for defining what Subscribers will show up as a result. Within a Filter Group, you'll see that you can select Subscribers "Matching [ __ ] of the following:"

  • Any
  • All
  • None

[Any] means "either", while [All] looks for Subscribers who meet "both" requirements. And [None] means to EXCLUDE certain Subscribers.

Let's say, for example, that you wanted to see how many Subscribers you have that both signed up to a Form and also have a certain Tag. You would create a Segment that includes both that Form, as well as that Tag. 

Note that we are matching [All] for this example, because we want to see a list of people who match BOTH of these requirements.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for this! Feel free to get in there and test different options with your Segments.

Filter Subscribers By Location 

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