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How to use Visual Automation templates
How to use Visual Automation templates

Get your Visual Automations off the ground with these templates!

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Common Visual Automation scenarios packaged into handy templates

Not sure how to create Visual Automations, or what you can do with them? We’ve got your back.

In our template library, you’ll find a neat collection of Visual Automation templates. These templates help creators build Visual Automations for:

  • Welcoming new subscribers

  • Releasing a new product

  • Pitching paid products

  • ...and more!

Copy our templates into your account and modify them to fit your needs, and you’ll have your Visual Automations up in no time. 💪

Before we get started, you should already have a rough idea of how Visual Automations work. Our main guide to Visual Automations will give you the lowdown on that.

But if you’re ready to get started, then let’s dive in! 🎉

Browse our Visual Automation templates

Go to Visual Automations under the Automate tab in the navigation. Next, select Templates.

Then, watch as our beautiful template library appears 🤩

You’ll find Visual Automation templates for these scenarios:

  • Release a new album

  • Run a paid newsletter

  • Welcome subscribers to your podcast

  • Grow your audience with SparkLoop

  • Share your social media content

And so much more. Go ahead and browse ‘em all.

NOTE: While we’ve designed each template with a certain scenario in mind, you’re welcome to use them for other purposes too. 👍

Select the best template for your needs

Click the Preview option next to each template to understand how it works.

In our “Run an evergreen newsletter” template, for example, your subscribers will enter the Visual Automation through a Tag or Landing Page, and then receive an evergreen email sequence.

Click the Use this template button for the template you want to use.

This will create a blank copy of the template—including its Form and Tag entry points, Actions, Conditions, and so on—in your account.

NOTE: If you have already created the Forms, Landing Pages, Tags or Sequences to be used in your Visual Automation, you might not want to duplicate the Visual Automation template by clicking the Use this template button.

This is because doing so will add blank Forms, Landing Pages, Tags, and Sequences (as relevant) to your account, which you’ll need to delete.

Instead, make a note of how the template is structured, and then recreate it using the Forms, Landing Pages, and so on that you already have. We have a guide to creating a Visual Automation from scratch here.

Customize your template

Now that you have a copy of the Visual Automation in your account, build it out to match your needs. Click each item in the Visual Automation to edit it.

For example, when you click an entry point that involves subscribers signing up via a Landing Page, you’ll be able to customize that page in our Landing Page builder.

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