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Resending to Unopens
Resending to Unopens

How our resend to unopens feature works and how to use it. Plus, frequently asked questions.

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Get your broadcasts in front of more people by resending to subscribers who didn't open!

Our resend to unopens feature allows you to send your broadcast again, but only to the subscribers who didn't open it the first time around.

👉 NOTE: This feature is only available for broadcasts at this time.

After you've sent a broadcast, you can click into it from the broadcasts page and find the 'Resend to unopens' button on the right sidebar:

Clicking that button will duplicate your broadcast, and you'll be taken to the email editor for the duplicate. From there, you have the opportunity to update the subject line & email contents, if desired.

NOTE: We'll automatically prepend "Resending:" to the subject line, but you can change or remove that if you want.

When you're ready, you can send it out (or schedule it) just like normal! We'll take care of making sure it only goes out to those who haven't opened it yet. 🙌

Cumulative and individual reporting

The stats for a broadcast that has been resent using this feature will look like this:

As noted, the top section is the cumulative stats for both sends. The following two sections are the isolated individual stats for the first and second sends, respectively.


Can I resend sequence emails to unopens?

No, resending to unopens is currently only available for broadcast emails.

You can always post feature requests, or upvote them with a ❤️ Like, in our community!

Why can't I see the resend to unopens button for my broadcast?

The resend to unopens feature can only be used once per broadcast. After you use it once, the button will no longer be available.

Can I schedule a resend in advance?

Yes! You can schedule a broadcast resend in advance, using the same method as for a regular broadcast.

The number of unopens will be accurate up until the moment you resend, even if you schedule it days beforehand!

How long should I wait before resending?

We recommend waiting a few days to a week before resending. This gives your subscribers the opportunity to open the original. Not everyone checks their email every day, and you don't want to overwhelm their inbox (and risk them unsubscribing as a result).

Should I do this for every broadcast?

We suggest using this feature sparingly—that is, don't resend every single broadcast. Save it for your best content, or the most important announcements that you don't want your subscribers to miss!

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