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How to schedule a Broadcast in advance
How to schedule a Broadcast in advance

How to set Broadcasts to automatically send at a future date and time.

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Send Broadcasts automatically on a date and time of your choosing.

Whether you like to bulk-schedule emails in advance or simply don't want to let yourself forget to send an important message, this feature allows you to set it and forget it!

Let's set it up.

1. Create your Broadcast as per normal

Scheduling takes place on the last page of the Broadcast creation process—the Publish page—so you can return to this tutorial once you're at that point. (Just don't send it yet!)

NOTE: We have a separate tutorial on creating a Broadcast here.

2. On the Publish page, select "Send email"

When you do so, you'll get options for selecting your From address, recipients, and more. Go ahead to set those up.

Then, to schedule your Broadcast for a future date and time, click the pencil icon next to where it says "Send now":

3. Select your desired date and time

A calendar widget will appear. Use it to select the date, followed by the time, you want your Broadcast to go out:

If you need to change the date and time you selected, click the "Unschedule" text and repeat the steps above.

4. Click "Continue"

To finish scheduling your Broadcast, click Continue in the bottom right-hand corner.

A pop-up will appear, allowing you to confirm.

Once you click Schedule Broadcast, the Broadcast will be queued up and sent at your specified date and time! 🚀

How to edit a scheduled Broadcast

Want to make a change to the content before the Broadcast goes out? Or adjust its scheduled send date and time? You still can!

To edit a scheduled Broadcast, you'll need to unschedule it first. Simply click the Unschedule button for it from the Broadcasts page. Doing so will revert that Broadcast to a draft.

From there, make any changes you'd like to the draft and then re-schedule it at the end, following the same steps as before.

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