Send broadcasts automatically on a date & time of your choosing.

Whether you like to bulk-schedule emails in advance, or simply don't want to let yourself forget to send an important message, this feature allows you to set it & forget it!

Let's set it up.

1. First, create your broadcast as normal

Scheduling takes place on the last page of the broadcast creation process — the 'Preview' page — so you can return to this tutorial once you're at that point. (Just don't send it yet!)

NOTE: We have a separate tutorial on creating a broadcast here.

2. On the 'Preview' page, click 'schedule'

You should now be on the 'Preview' page, which will look something like this:

To schedule your broadcast for a future date and time, click the 'schedule' link above the 'Send Broadcast' button:

3. Select your desired date & time from the calendar widget

Clicking 'schedule' will open a calendar widget where you can select the date, followed by the time, that you want this broadcast to go out:

You'll note that once your date & time has been selected, you now have the options to change or unschedule it if needed:

4. Click 'Schedule Broadcast'

Now that you've selected a future date and time, the red button will say 'Schedule Broadcast' instead:

Go ahead and click that button! You'll be asked to confirm that you want to schedule this broadcast, and then it'll show up in your account's broadcasts list accordingly:

That's it! That broadcast is now queued and ready to go.

How to edit a scheduled broadcast

Want to make a change to the content? Adjust the scheduled date and time? You still can!

In order to edit a scheduled broadcast, you'll need to unschedule it first. Simply click the 'Unschedule' button as shown in the screenshot above, which will revert that broadcast to a draft.

From there, make any changes you'd like to the draft (if applicable) and then re-schedule it at the end following the same steps as before.

How To Create A Broadcast

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