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Excluding Within a Segment

Choose the Subscribers who should and shouldn't receive your emails.

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There may come a time where you want to email certain subscribers on your list, but not everyone. Or you have a message you'd really rather not go out to a specific tag, so you want to exclude them.

With our subscriber filter, this is really easy! Here's how it works.

Create a new segment and you'll see the subscriber filter interface:

If you want to send to 'All Subscribers' except for those on a certain tag:

1. Click "Add Filter"

2. Select "All Subscribers"

3. Click "Add Filter Group"

4. Within the new Filter Group, click "Add New Filter"

5. Open the "All subscribers" dropdown and choose "Subscribed to"

6. You'll see an additional dropdown appear. Open it and choose "tags"

7. Type the name of the tag you want to exclude. Click "Add Filter"

8. Change "Matching all" to "Matching none" (this is what makes the exclusion)

Your complete filter should look like this:

Note the difference in the number of subscribers. This means we'll be sending to everyone on the list that does not have the "Guitar students" tag.

NOTE: You can add as many tags as you'd like to one filter. If you'd also like to exclude any forms or sequences, you'll want to create a filter.

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