You might need to email a specific group of Subscribers, but not everyone on your list.

Or you have a message that you'd really rather not go out to a specific Tag or Segment. (Think those who have already purchased a product probably don't need a reduced sale price!) 

With our Broadcast Recipient Selector, this is really easy! Here's how it works.

Create a New Broadcast, and you'll be taken first to the Recipients page. By default, you'll see the filter group "All Subscribers."

If you want to send to All Subscribers except a Tag:

Click "Add New Filter Group."

Click "Add New Filter."

Click "select to choose from Forms, Sequences or Tags.

Select the tag you want to exclude.

Now changes "Matches: ALL" to "Matches: None."

Your rule should look like this:

Note: You can add as many Tags as you'd like to one Filter. If you'd also like to exclude any Forms or Sequences, you'll want to create a Filter.

The difference in the number of Subscribers means it'll be sending to everyone on the list that does not have the Activity Tag.

Filter Subscribers by Location

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