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How to exclude certain subscribers from a Broadcast
How to exclude certain subscribers from a Broadcast

Get the most out of Broadcast filters and filter groups!

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You might need to email a specific group of subscribers instead of everyone on your list.

Or, you have a message that you'd rather not go out to subscribers that have a specific Tag or are in a specific Segment. (For example, those who have already purchased a product probably don't need to know you've reduced its price!)

With our Broadcast recipient selector, excluding subscribers from a Broadcast is easy! Here's how it works.

After writing your Broadcast, go to its Publish page and select the Send email option.

Next, use the "Who would you like to send this to?" setting to select your Broadcast recipients.

The default setting is "All Subscribers":

Now, add extra filters and filter groups to select the subscribers you don't want to send your Broadcast to.

Let's say you want to send your Broadcast to all subscribers except for subscribers with a certain Tag. If so, click Add Filter Group:

Click Add Filter.

Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate filter condition.

In this case, select the Tag whereby subscribers who have this Tag should be excluded from your Broadcast.

Now, change "Matching: any" (or "Matching: all") to "Matching: none." This way, none of your subscribers who have that Tag will receive your Broadcast.

That's it. Your rule should look like this:

NOTE: You can add as many Tags, Forms, Sequences, and so on as you'd like to each filter.

Did you notice how the number of Broadcast recipients dropped from eight to six after we added the filter?

That's because our demo account has eight subscribers. Two subscribers of them have the "Course buyers" Tag, so they're excluded from receiving the Broadcast now. โœŒ๏ธ

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