All of your data is safe with us.

We keep multiple realtime copies of our data in three different locations.Here's how it works:

Our data is durable

Our main database has multiple layers of protection from disaster. Protections exist via live replicas and routine backups.

We provide active data stand-by

In case we need it, ConvertKit's infrastructure spans three separate data centers.

Periodic (and regular) Backups

ConvertKit takes daily backups and retains 15 days of backups. We can recover data by launching a new database with data from any point in time within the 15-day window.

This also means that, if we ever make a mistake, we've got your back...up. Heh. If the error is with us, we will be able to recover your data. Your peace of mind is our priority.

What you can do

We will always recommend backing up your own list, as an extra step. This is always a good idea. In the event that a subscriber is accidentally deleted from your list, within your account, having that data in another spot is recommended.

While we do data backups, our backups are more like snapshots of the entire system at any given time, and likely wouldn’t include things like a deleted tag or email. For this reason, doing regular backups of your own is also a great idea!

How to Export Subscribers

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