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How to export subscribers in ConvertKit
How to export subscribers in ConvertKit

How to download your email list (or a subset of it) as a CSV and back it up, plus frequently asked questions about exporting.

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Your email list is one of the most valuable pieces of your business, and is worth backing up regularly.

You can easily export your email list from ConvertKit anytime using a bulk action.

Here's how!

How to export all your subscribers

  1. Navigate to Subscribers under the Grow tab in the navigation.

  2. Click the checkbox at the top of the list of subscribers to select all of them. If you have over 30 subscribers to select, make sure you also click the confirmation link in the blue bar that pops up.

  3. Click Bulk Actions > Export!

Here's a demo:

After clicking "Export", this modal will pop up to confirm that your export file is now processing:

NOTE: Depending on how many subscribers you're exporting, it may take several minutes to receive the export email.

How to export a certain segment of your list

If you haven't already, create a segment of the subscribers you want to export.

Then follow the same steps as above, but from within the segment (which you can access by clicking the segment's name from the sidebar of the Subscribers page) rather than from the overall Subscribers page.

The rest of the process is the same!

✨ TIP: Anywhere you're able to run bulk actions from, you can export your subscribers from also! This means you can skip creating the segment if you're able to access the correctly curated list of subscribers from elsewhere in your account (such as from a reports page).

How to download your export file

A download link for the export file will be emailed to the account owner (the email address it is sent to cannot be changed at this time).

You can also download the file from directly within your ConvertKit account, by clicking the circle icon next to your profile picture in the navigation:

This menu also displays the status of all of your bulk actions!

It's important to note that export links will expire after 5 days. We highly recommend downloading your export as soon as possible once it's ready.

We also recommend backing your export file up to a cloud location (such as Dropbox or Google Drive), along with keeping a copy on your computer or external hard drive.

Exporting FAQs

Can I export my subscribers' custom fields, tags and locations?

Yes! Exports include tags, custom fields, and subscriber locations (city, state and country) by default. You'll see this data contained in additional columns within your exported CSV file.

Why can't I access a previous export?

Export download links will expire after 5 days. If your link has already expired, you will need to re-process the export to receive a new download link.

How can I view or edit my export file?

CSV files can be opened and edited in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel (Windows) and Numbers (Mac), as well as free tools like Google Sheets.

Why does my export contain only 30 subscribers?

Most likely, you need to click this link in the blue bar that appears after selecting all of your subscribers via the top checkbox (otherwise, only the 30 subscribers on the first page will be selected):

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