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How to add a new sending email address
How to add a new sending email address
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When setting up a new account, one of the initial steps is to add a 'From' email address. This is the email from which you'll send your messages, and your subscribers can view and respond to them

In ConvertKit, you have the option to add multiple email addresses, but only one can be set as the default. If you wish to send from different addresses, you'll need to choose the appropriate one for each Broadcast or Sequence that doesn't use the default.

All marketing emails should be sent from a domain you own, not from a personal account at a provider domain, like @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc. or an ISP email like @verizon, @cableone, etc.

How you add a From email address

To find your email settings, click on your profile gravatar, and then click Settings. Next, from the lefthand sidebar, choose Email.

Next, click on "Add From Address" and enter your email address. It's important to mention that you can’t leave the name blank.

Once you’ve added your email address, you should receive an email to confirm your address. Click on "Verify Your Email," and you're good to go! Happy emailing!

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