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Gmail and Yahoo’s new requirements for 2024 and what to expect
Gmail and Yahoo’s new requirements for 2024 and what to expect
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Google recently announced some major changes along with Yahoo to email authentication requirements. This is very important for anyone who sends email through a third party application like ConvertKit.

These new requirements are NOT recommendations. If they are not followed, your emails may bounce or be sent to spam. If you have been sending email through ConvertKit with a sending address, you will need to make some changes to your account for your emails to keep landing in the inbox.

Podcast episode covering these changes

While this article covers the basics, our Deliverability experts Melissa and Alyssa have made a podcast episode about all of the latest news about these changes. Click here or the image below to listen to the episode.

Who will be affected by these new requirements?

Senders with a sending volume of at least 5,000 emails in a day.

When will these requirements be implemented?

We will start to see these requirements implemented beginning in February 2024. ConvertKit is currently working to provide an easy solution for making changes to your DNS settings. We will release more information about this in the coming weeks. (This article has last been updated January 12th, 2024)

Why are mailbox providers pushing these kinds of recommendations?

Email abuse runs rampant in the email world. While mailbox providers have worked diligently to keep their customers safe, it has become crucial that some of the responsibility falls on senders. It becomes difficult to reward good senders and keep spam and phish out of users' inboxes.

What do you need to have in place to meet these requirements?

You’ll need the following:

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Once you've set up your DMARC record, please do not remove it—whether from ConvertKit or from your domain. Removing it may cause deliverability issues.

We know how important it is for your emails to be received by your subscribers. These changes can seem scary, but with a little preparation it will be smooth sailing.

You can set up a Verified Sending Domain and DMARC without ever leaving ConvertKit! All you have to do is enter your domain and we'll identify which domain host you're using. If you have further questions on how to set up your Verified Sending Domain or DMARC records, please reach out to our friendly support team.

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