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Broadcast Editor Improvements
Broadcast Editor Improvements
Updated over a week ago

Check out the latest improvements with the ConvertKit broadcast editor.

We’ve been working hard to create the best email editor out there, and we’re excited to share some improvements with you.

From making layout blocks easier to use to better accent support, here’s what you need to know:

Note: these improvements are also available for the sent broadcast editor.

Layout block improvements

Layout blocks allow you to add columns into your emails with headers, images, text, and buttons.

We’ve made layout blocks easier to use by including the option to move them up and down, duplicate, and delete blocks right in the email.

Previously, layout blocks couldn’t be edited directly from the email:

Now you’re able to edit them with ease!

History support

You can now undo and redo anything in the email editor using your keyboard.

If you accidentally erase your email or paste something you didn’t mean to, you can simply use the following keyboard shortcuts to fix it:

On a Mac

  • Undo: Command + Z

  • Redo: Command + Shift + Z

On Windows/Linux

  • Undo: Ctrl + Z

  • Redo: Ctrl + Y

Full keyboard navigation

You now have the ability to move your cursor anywhere in the email editor using just the keyboard arrows. That means you can move through layouts, galleries, icons, and your email text with ease! It makes copy and pasting any element incredibly easy.

We have also added a variety of keyboard shortcuts to speedup your workflow.

On a Mac:

  • Shift + cmd + l: Align left

  • Shift + cmd + e: Align center

  • Shift + cmd + r: Align right

  • Shift + cmd + j: Justify

  • Option + enter: Open block menu to add a new node below current one

  • Shift + option + enter: Open block menu to add a new node above current one

  • Cmd + [ or shift + tab: Unindent list

  • Cmd + ] or tab: Indent list

  • Cmd + b: Bold

  • Cmd + i: Italic

  • Cmd + u: Underline

  • Cmd + k: Add a link

On Windows/Linux:

  • Shift + ctrl + l: Align left

  • Shift + ctrl + e: Align center

  • Shift + ctrl + r: Align right

  • Shift + ctrl + j: Justify

  • Alt + enter: Open block menu to add a new node below current one

  • Shift + alt + enter: Open block menu to add a new node above current one

  • Ctrl + [ or shift + tab: Unindent list

  • Ctrl + ] or tab: Indent list

  • Ctrl + b: Bold

  • Ctrl + i: Italic

  • Ctrl + u: Underline

  • Ctrl + k: Add a link

To help you write even faster, try typing these symbols followed by the spacebar:

  • * or - : Unordered list

  • 1. : Ordered list

  • > : Blockquote

  • --- : Horizontal line

  • # : Heading 1

  • ## : Heading 2

  • ### : Heading 3

  • #### : Heading 4

  • ##### : Heading 5

  • ###### : Heading 6

Clipboard support

The improved editor allows you to copy and paste anything, even images!

Simply copy the image to your clipboard and use Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste it into the email editor:

See a nice image you want to add to your email? Just copy it to your clipboard and you can paste it directly into the Broadcast editor. This makes it very easy to add content to your emails from anywhere you want.

Better accent support

There are many ways to add accents to your text using the editor, and we’ve made some fixes to make this more seamless.

Grammarly support

If you use Grammarly to edit your writing, the good news is that now you can use Grammarly in the email editor as well. In order to use it, you’ll need the Grammarly extension for your browser.

You’ll see Grammarly suggestions in the right hand corner of the email editor:

And here you’ll see Grammarly is coming to the rescue with suggestions:

Ready to make your emails stand out?

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