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Using layout blocks in ConvertKit
Using layout blocks in ConvertKit

Add gorgeous layouts to your Broadcast and Sequence emails.

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Beautiful emails need beautiful layouts

While the standard one-column text layout works great in most situations, there are times when you want the design of your emails to carry an extra oomph.

This is where our layout blocks come in. They provide appealing layouts for your email content, helping to catch your subscribers’ eye and draw their attention to a call-to-action button. So let’s get into how to use them!

How to add a layout block

In your Broadcast or Sequence, click the area in the email editor in which you want to add a layout block. A + icon will appear on the left.

Click that + icon to access the content block menu and scroll down until you see the Layout option. Select it to add a new layout block to your email.

All the available layout blocks will appear in the right sidebar. Click the one you want to use and it’ll be added to your email.

Customizing your layout block

Customizing the overall look and columns

In the right sidebar, you'll find Layout settings for customizing the overall look of your layout block, such as its:

Click the Column tab in the right sidebar to customize your layout block's columns—including the column spacing and border.

Customizing the text

To change the layout block’s text, simply delete the default text and write your own.

Customizing the image

If the layout block contains an image placeholder, click it to display the Image settings in the right sidebar. Then click the Replace button to add your own image.

Customizing the button

Click the layout block’s button to update its:

  • Button text—simply delete the default text and type your own

  • URL and look using the Button settings in the right sidebar

Customizing the column ratio

If your layout block has multiple columns of content, you'll see a Column ratio setting under the right sidebar's Layout tab for changing the columns' widths.

Simply click and drag the slider button to adjust.

Removing or replacing your layout block

If you change your mind about using a certain layout block, you can remove it by hovering your mouse over it to reveal the righthand context menu.

Click the trash can icon in the right sidebar.

Afterward, feel free to add a different layout block to your email if you wish!

Layout blocks on mobile

If your layout blocks have multiple columns, we'll stack these columns on top of each other on mobile for default for easier reading. This is even if your layout blocks are in a two-column format when viewed from a desktop computer.

Check out this "stacked" format in action by clicking the Preview email button on the toolbar at the top of the email editor.

After that, toggle the preview to the mobile view:

If you prefer to disable this "stacked" format on mobile, navigate to the Layout tab in the right sidebar settings.

Scroll down to the Mobile settings and toggle the Column stacking option to the None position.

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