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Which email programs does ConvertKit support?
Which email programs does ConvertKit support?
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There are thousands of different email providers out there that a user can choose to check their email. Programs like Outlook, Apple Mail, or Gmail. At ConvertKit we have committed to making sure your emails display beautifully in all of the major email providers.

On this page is list of providers that cover the most popular email programs that subscribers use. Every email program in the list below has been thoroughly tested to display your emails properly and accurately.

Although we would love to have all emails providers listed, there are a few older or smaller email providers that might display your emails a bit differently. If an email provider is not listed on this page your emails will still be readable for the user, but there might be some slight unintended changes such as a font being different or the text spacing being larger or smaller. All of the written content will remain the same, but we can't guarantee that everything 'pixel perfect.'

List of Email Program's Convertkit officially supports:


  • Apple Mail (+Dark)

    • 13 (macOS 10.15)

    • 14 (macOS 11)

    • 15 (macOS 12)

  • Outlook (+Dark)

    • 2019 (Win 10)

    • OL Office 365 (macOS 12.6.1)

    • Outlook 2021 (Win 10)

    • Windows 11 Mail


  • Android:

    • Gmail App (Android 9/10/11) (+Dark)

    • Samsung Mail (Android 7)

  • iOS:

    • Gmail (iOS 14.2) (+Dark)

    • Apple Mail (iOS 14.2/15/16) (+Dark)


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