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How to update your ConvertKit Commerce statement descriptor
How to update your ConvertKit Commerce statement descriptor

Customers will see this statement descriptor in their bank statements when they purchase from you.

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Help customers identify their transactions with you with a recognizable statement descriptor!

When people buy from you, their bank statement will show a short description of the transaction. This short description is also known as a statement descriptor.

You can customize your ConvertKit Commerce transactions’ statement descriptor to help customers recognize their purchases with you more easily.

To update your statement descriptor, click your name at the top right of the ConvertKit dashboard, followed by Settings.

On the Settings page, click the Commerce setting in the left sidebar.

Under the Commerce Settings, fill out the Bank Statement Descriptor field with something that helps customers identify the transaction.

Your statement descriptor must include at least one letter and cannot exceed 22 characters. Here are some examples of what your statement descriptor could be:

  • Your full name

  • The name of your business, website, or social media account

Click the Save Changes button to save your changes. You’re done!

What happens if you don’t customize your statement descriptor?

By default, your statement descriptor will be the first part of the website URL you provided when setting up payments in ConvertKit Commerce.

For example, if you had provided an Instagram account URL, your statement descriptor will be “instagram.”

This is rather generic and can cause confusion among your customers. In a worst-case scenario, they may dispute the transaction with their bank and seek a refund from you. 😫

To prevent this from happening, we recommend taking a minute to update your statement descriptor using the steps above!

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