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Authenticate your device when logging into ConvertKit
Authenticate your device when logging into ConvertKit

Grant permission for your device to access your ConvertKit account.

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“Is that you? 🤔”

To prevent unauthorized access of your account, we’ll ask you to authenticate your login if you’re trying to log in from a device and browser combination we don’t recognize.

Upon your first login from a new device, or a new browser on your device, you’ll see this message:

From here, go to the inbox of the email address you used to log in.

You’ll see an email from us titled “New login to your ConvertKit account.” It looks like this:

Click the:

  • Trust this device button to keep your device authenticated until you clear your browser cookies; or

  • Trust this device once button to keep your device authenticated until you close your ConvertKit browser tab.

Alternatively, right-click either button and copy its link, then paste that link into your browser.

Aaaand open sesame! You’ll be able to access your ConvertKit dashboard. 🥳

NOTE: The authentication links in the email are good for only 30 minutes. If you weren’t able to authenticate your device within this timeframe, click the Re-send Email option from the “Is that you? 🤔” screen to get a new device authentication email.


Can I use the same authentication email to authenticate multiple browsers or devices?

Yes, you can.

Simply open the authentication email and click the relevant Trust this device button (or copy and paste its button link) in all the browsers or devices you want to authenticate.

I didn’t receive the authentication email.

Try checking your spam folder. If the email isn’t there, email our support team at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

I received the authentication email, but I hadn’t requested it!

If this happens, follow the steps in the email to change your password right away—someone might have obtained your login details.

Will I receive this email to authenticate my device if I have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my account?


Multi-factor authentication is already keeping your account protected, so you’ll use it to authenticate your logins instead of these device authentication emails.

If you want to enable multi-factor authentication for your ConvertKit account, you can learn how to do so here 👇

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