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What type of affiliate marketing is and isn’t allowed at ConvertKit?
What type of affiliate marketing is and isn’t allowed at ConvertKit?

Some types of affiliate marketing are allowed at ConvertKit, while others are not. This article will help explain the difference.

Updated over a week ago

As per our Acceptable Use Policy, ConvertKit allows the use of some types of affiliate marketing on our platform—however, there are also types of affiliate marketing we don’t allow. This article will break down the difference!

The Main Factor

You need to have your own business/content outside of affiliate marketing.

Our platform is built for creators, and we allow affiliate marketing when it is clearly labeled and sprinkled into your own content.

If 70-80% of your email content is about your own products, services, and information about who you are and what you do, and only around 20-30% of your content is related to affiliate marketing, you are good to go!

Here are two examples to help illustrate this:

  • If you have a baking website and are sending a baking-related email about a recipe you recently tried, and you include an affiliate link to your favorite kitchen equipment, that's great! That being said, you should always mention that the link will redirect your subscribers to another site, and you should avoid making your audience believe that these are your products or services.

  • On the flip side, if you aren’t sending any content about your own business — but instead you are solely sending emails including affiliate links for diets, software upgrades, and trainings — that wouldn't be considered a good use of our platform. If you don’t personally have any business or content outside of affiliate marketing, that content on its own wouldn't be a fit for ConvertKit.

Restricted topics

Regardless of your own business, we don’t allow any affiliate links related to education, loans, online pharmacies, or "get rich quick" types of software.

Unfortunately, this content is often used in spam emails and thus can cause below average deliverability rates. To keep ConvertKit’s reputation healthy, we don’t allow this type of content.

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