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How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Landing Page
How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your Landing Page

Instructions for integrating a dynamic Instagram feed into your opt-in!

Updated over a week ago

You can now add a dynamic Instagram feed to your landing pages!

💡 If you'd like to pull in a single photo rather than a feed, you can do that too!

Adding a feed is a great way to show off your recent Instagram posts. Here's how to add one to your landing page!

1. Select 'Instagram Feed' from the content block menu

Instagram feeds can be added within paragraph placeholders on your landing pages. Click in a paragraph to reveal the plus sign (+) menu on the left, then select 'Instagram Feed' from the list:

NOTE: Collections are supported in most paragraphs, but not all of them. If you don’t see an option to add a collection, it isn’t supported on that area of the page yet. We’ll be adding collections to more parts of our templates over time!

2. Log in with your Instagram account

Click the Log in with Instagram button:

Enter your login details when prompted, then click 'Authorize':

After you've authenticated your account, your Instagram feed containing your most recent posts will show up on your landing page!

Next, we'll go over the appearance settings for how your feed is displayed.

Appearance settings for your Instagram feed

Once your feed has been authorized & added, click the 'Settings' button above it to reveal its appearance settings in the right sidebar:

Here's what each of those display settings means:


Select whether you'd like your feed to be displayed as a grid (images only), or a more traditional feed view (which includes your captions).

Columns (available for Grid layout only)

If you selected the Grid layout option, you can configure how many columns you'd like your photos to be displayed in.

Crop (available for Grid layout only)

Selecting the Grid layout option, you can choose which crop suits them best.

Rounded Corners

Select the border radius of your images (select 'None' for no corner rounding).


Choose whether you'd like a drop shadow to appear behind your images, and if so, what size it should be.

Spacing & Display

Adjust the Spacing value to increase or decrease the space between each of the images in your feed.

Adjust the Display value to increase or decrease how many of your recent posts are included in your feed.

Rearrange your feed's position

You also have the option to rearrange the position of your feed relative to the content blocks surrounding it, also from the settings sidebar:

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