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Adding Social Media Icons to Landing Pages
Adding Social Media Icons to Landing Pages

How to add a collection of social media icons to your landing pages.

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Promote your social platforms on the web by adding a collection of social media icons to your landing page.

Want to provide your subscribers a way to connect with you further, and grow your online following while you're at it? Look no further than icon collections.

Here's how to set them up!

NOTE: You can also add text links instead of icons.

How to add an icon collection

You can add icon collections from supported paragraph text areas on your landing page. Click on the paragraph as if to edit it, then click the plus sign (+) icon to the left.

If you’re inside of a paragraph where collections are supported, you’ll find the 'Icons' option in the list:

This will add a generic set of icons, which you can now customize based on which icons you'd like to showcase (and, of course, replace their links with ones that point to your own profiles).

NOTE: Collections are supported in most paragraphs, but not all of them. If you don’t see an option to add a collection, it isn’t supported on that area of the page yet. We’ll be adding collections to more parts of our templates over time!

Configure your individual icons

To configure an individual icon, click on it to reveal its settings in the left sidebar. You'll want to add your own personalized URL, as well as select from the dropdown which icon should be displayed:

NOTE: Make sure you don't forget to replace the default URL with your own personalized profile URL!

Add, remove, and rearrange icons

To add another icon, click the plus sign to the right of the existing collection:

To rearrange and remove icons from the collection, first click on any of the icons. Then, from the 'Rearrange elements' section in the left sidebar, you can drag & drop them to rearrange, and click the X to remove them:

Style your icon collection

To adjust the styling for the icon collection as a whole, click the settings button above the collection itself:

This will reveal its overall style settings in the left sidebar.

Let's quickly go over the different settings.

Icon style

The design style of your icon set.

Icon color

By default, your icons will be set to the platform's own primary color. If you'd instead like for them to be in uniform color(s) of your choosing, select 'Custom Color' from this dropdown, and set your color scheme accordingly.

Icon alignment

Select whether you'd like your set of icons to be left, center, or right aligned within its container.

☝️ Bonus: pro-tip!

Too many external links on a landing page can run the risk of lowering your conversion rate by distracting potential subscribers from signing up.

Consider adding icon collections on your thank you pages instead, to encourage your subscribers to connect with you further after signing up to your email list!

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