Want to offer your ConvertKit Commerce product at a discount?

FULL DISCLOSURE: Our official discount feature is currently being built. We'll update this article as soon as it's available!

In the meantime, you can manually edit your product's price & details to reflect the discount, then set them back to normal once the discount period ends.

💰NOTE: If you need a refresher on creating & editing your products, refer to our tutorial here!

Editing your product

You can click into any of your products from the products page in your account to access their respective editors.

To update the price of your product, first click Settings from the top left:

Then, you can modify its price via the 'Product Details' tab:

We also suggest making some edits to other areas of the product as well (such as the title, copy, and image), to further emphasize your offer! For a bit of inspiration on how this could look, check out our example below.

⚠️PLEASE NOTE: Any changes you make to your product will be live as soon as you save them. Make sure you don't do this until you're ready for your discount to go live!

Here's an example!

Say you're selling an ebook, and you want to offer it at a lower price for a limited time. The original (full-priced) version of your product might look something like this:

To create a discounted version, you could edit the above into something like the following:

List of changes:

  • Decreased the price point
  • Added 'Limited time offer!' to the title
  • Updated the copy and button CTA
  • Uploaded a new version of the image (with a sale badge added)

Since you're making edits to the original product, the URL will be the same and you can promote it as normal!

Once your discount period ends, you can simply undo all those changes and everything will be back to normal. Voilà! ✨

☝️TIP: Take a screenshot of how your product looked pre-discount to make it faster for you to change it back to that version when the time comes!

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