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Troubleshooting: Link Triggers
Troubleshooting: Link Triggers

How to resolve common causes of why your link trigger might not be firing or working correctly.

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Link trigger not working?

Don't panic.

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Link triggers are a great form of automation โ€” but anything they can do can also be accomplished manually.

If you made a mistake with a link trigger โ€” even if the email's already gone out โ€” don't fret! You can always give it some time (i.e. give your subscribers a chance to click, or not), or perform the link trigger's intended action retroactively this time around, and identify & fix the issue for future emails.

Here are the most common reasons your link trigger might not be working:

You're testing it from a preview email

Link triggers, by design, will only function in 'real' Broadcast & Sequence emails, and not their preview counterparts.

If you click a link trigger in a preview email, you'll still be able to verify that its destination URL is correct, but any actions associated with the link trigger will not fire.

It wasn't added to the email correctly

This is the most common cause of link trigger issues. Link triggers need to be added to emails in a certain way, which we go over in this tutorial.

The easiest way is to simply highlight the linked text, and click the link icon again (the same way you did to add the link in the first place). You'll know it's a link trigger if you see this option to 'Clear trigger' in the box that pops up:

If you don't see that, then there is no link trigger associated with that link.

If you're checking the link trigger of a broadcast that has already been sent, you'll need to duplicate it first, which you can do from the sidebar after clicking into it from your broadcasts page. Then, you can verify whether the link trigger is present in the duplicate โ€” if it's not, then it wasn't present in the original, either.

๐Ÿ’กTIP: Double-checking that any link triggers were added successfully is a great step to add to your 'pre-send' checks! โœ”๏ธ

But remember: anything link triggers can do can also be accomplished manually! It's just slightly less convenient. For instance, do you have a batch of clickers that now need a tag added retroactively? We have a tutorial on how to do just that, linked below! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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