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How to add images and video to forms and landing pages
How to add images and video to forms and landing pages

How to include additional content, like images and video, to your opt-ins using our block editor.

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You’ve probably used our content block editor in your broadcasts (if not, check it out here!), but what you might not know is...

Our content block editor is also available for forms and landing pages.

This allows you to place additional images, videos (!), and more, giving you even more creative freedom beyond the built-in placeholders on your chosen template.

Where you can add extra content

The block editor is available from within the paragraph text area placeholders on your opt-in (i.e. form or landing page) template.

Wherever there is a place to add freeform paragraph text to your template, you can click to display a plus sign (+) menu to the left:

Please note that the block editor is currently only available from within paragraph-style text areas, so it won't appear next to text formatted as a heading.

An easy way to check is whether the plus sign (+) menu appears to the left when you click on a section of text. If it doesn't, it's not a text area that supports additional content (at this time!).

What types of content can I add?

You can add additional

  • images

  • file attachments

  • buttons

  • lists

  • quotes

...and more! Refer to the content block menu to view the complete list of what you can add.

And yes — you can add videos! 🎬

You're now able embed a video on your opt-in wherever the content block menu is available — regardless of whether your template already has a video placeholder built-in!

Simply select 'Video' from the content block list, then enter your video's YouTube or Vimeo URL to automagically embed it.


NOTE: Only YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported at this time; however, we look forward to supporting more video platforms in the future. If there's one you really want us to support, please let us know with a feature request here.

How to embed private Vimeo videos

Vimeo has a feature that allows you to keep your videos private, which will prevent them being embedded by default. A few tweaks to the settings will allow you to embed private Vimeo videos on your ConvertKit landing pages!

In the video's privacy settings under 'Where can this be embedded?', select 'Specific domains'. Then, add the domain of your ConvertKit landing page in the field (omitting what comes after the slash):

For example, if your landing page URL is, then you'd just enter in the field.

This will allow the video to be embedded on your live landing page and/or thank you page, but it still won't show in the ConvertKit editor, since our editor uses a different URL. To fix that, just add as an additional domain, and it should show up there as well!

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