ThriveLeads Integration

Here's how to connect your ThriveLeads forms with ConvertKit!

Updated over a week ago

ThriveLeads is a form builder plugin for Wordpress that offers a ton of great customization features. 

When someone signs up to a ThriveLeads form, they can be added to your list in ConvertKit! 

Check out ThriveLead's guide on how to get set up here:

Here are a few things to note about the integration:

  • You will need a Form in ConvertKit as a way for Subscribers to be added to your account. This Form will never be seen by subscribers, so you can use any template you like! (We recommend Clare for simplicity.)

  • The name you give the Form in ConvertKit is what you'll see when working with it in your ConvertKit account, so be sure to give it a name related to—or the same as—your Form in Thrive Leads.

  • Everything that happens after clicking the subscribe button is handled in ConvertKit! The Incentive Email for the Form will go out and you can set up Visual Automations using that Form. 

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