Let's look at the SEO & Analytics settings of your landing page.

These settings don't affect the look or feel of your page, but they provide some really useful information to search engines, make your links look way better, and allow you to closely track the performance of your page.

To access these settings, first click 'Settings' from the top toolbar of your landing page builder:

Then select SEO & Analytics from the sidebar of the settings modal:

Title - This is the title of your page. It will not be shown on the page itself but will be shown in browser tabs, search engine results, and in links shared various places like social media.

Description - The description you put here also will not be shown on your page, but will be shown when sharing links various places like social media and in search engine results.

Image - The featured image for your page will show up when sharing links various places like social media.

To give you an idea of what Title, Description, and Image will produce, here's an example Landing Page shared on Twitter:


Here you can connect various services to track activity on your page:

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Business

  • Segment

  • Pinterest

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