Yep, you read that correctly.

Visual automation steps can be deleted!

To remove a step from one of your visual automations, hover over the node until the edit step option appears. Click that, and then the delete button, and then confirm the deletion via the modal that pops up.

Here’s how it looks:

NOTE: Removing a step from a visual automation will not reverse any actions that have occurred to subscribers, such as tags or custom fields that have been added. Likewise, they will not be removed from sequences they are already in.

What happens when you delete an entry point from a visual automation that has multiple entry points?

If you delete an entry point from a visual automation that contains multiple entry points, then all the steps in that entry point's branch will also be deleted until the point where the branch merges with the rest of the visual automation.

For example, if you delete the “Newsletter” entry point from the visual automation in the screenshot below, then all steps in its branch (as marked by the pink box) will also be deleted.

However, the "Documentary Filmmaking Newsletter" step, which is connected to the other entry points in the visual automation, will not be deleted.

(If you’re worried about accidentally deleting something that you hadn’t intended to delete, we recommend duplicating your visual automation to get a backup copy first!)

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