Ready to share your own images with your Subscribers? 

Now you can. 

ConvertKit and Instagram play nicely together, allowing you to pull in your own images directly from your Instagram feed, and include them in a Broadcast, Sequence email, or on a new Form or Landing Page.

Set up is easy

Whether you’re prepping a new Broadcast, Sequence email, or creating a new Form or Landing Page, you can select to use your very own images straight from your Instagram feed. 

  • Start by selecting to create a new Broadcast, Sequence email, or a new Form/Landing Page

  • Click to add or edit an image 

  • Select the Instagram option as pictured below

From here, select to log in with Instagram. 

You'll then see an Instagram modal pop-up, asking you to enter in your username, phone number, or email. It will then ask you to authorize this action.

From here, any image you’ve uploaded to your Instagram feed will populate and be available for your use within your ConvertKit account. 


  • Currently this new feature works with Landing Pages and Forms, as well as Broadcasts and Sequences when using the new editor.  

  • ConvertKit Free Plan users will also have the option to create Landing Pages using their very own images through Instagram!

How to Create a Landing Page

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