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One of our top requested features is the ability to build custom Thank-You Pages for each Landing Page. Now you can!

For each Landing Page that you create, you can choose to also create a Thank-You page by clicking the + icon next to the name:

It will inherit the styles from your main page, but after that you can customize each one separately with new images, text, and colors.

When you create your new Thank-You Page, you will need to ‘switch it on’ by selecting this option in the sidebar:

Once you create your new Thank-You page, it will pre-populate with a short message: 

You can edit this to say whatever you like! 

A few ways to use Thank-You Pages:

  • Up-sell to a full course

  • Request to follow you on social

  • Write a review (particularly for a podcast)

  • A trip-wire product to start earning back your ad spend immediately

  • Just to say thanks for subscribing

There you have it. 

Thank-You pages are here to stay, helping you follow up with your audience and continue to grow your list. 

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