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Setting up a thank you page in ConvertKit
Setting up a thank you page in ConvertKit

Confirm new subscribers with a custom thank you page!

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Thank your new subscribers for opting into your content while letting them know their click worked. All with one thank you page.

(Note the following instructions only apply to landing pages. Forms do not have thank you pages!)

For each landing page that you create, you can choose to also create a thank you page by clicking the '+ Add Page' icon next to the name:

It will use the styles from your main page, but after that you can customize each one separately with new images, text, and colors.

When you create your new thank you page, you will need to "switch it on" by selecting this option in the Settings:

Once you create your new thank you page, it will pre-populate with a short message: 

You can edit this to say whatever you like! 

A few ways to use thank you pages:

  • Upsell to a full course

  • Request to follow you on social

  • Write a review (particularly for a podcast)

  • A trip-wire product to start earning back your ad spend immediately

  • Just to say thanks for subscribing

There you have it. 

Thank you pages are here to stay, helping you follow up with your audience and continue to grow your list. 

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