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Facebook Custom Audiences

Creators can sync their Segments directly to Facebook with our Facebook Custom Audiences integration (Creator Pro only).

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As you may already know, you can include your Facebook Pixel on your ConvertKit Landing Pages (click here for a guide on that!). 

Now, with Creator Pro, there’s also a direct integration with Facebook Custom Audiences.

How this will help you

This integration allows you to sync your segments directly to Facebook. As a result, your ad sets will stay in sync with dynamic groups of Subscribers!

Here’s an example of how this feature will look within your ConvertKit account:

This saves considerable time exporting and importing CSVs to run your Facebook ads.

How to set it up

Go to Automations → Integrations in your ConvertKit account, then select Facebook.

Authorize ConvertKit to access Facebook. This will pop up a window to Facebook asking for your consent to connect your account with ConvertKit.

Important! Ensure you toggle the 'Manage your ads' permission in the dialog that pops up after the screen above. This will allow you to sync your Segments with your Facebook Custom Audiences:

After that, you should see a message in green appear that lets you know you've successfully connected. From there you're all set! 

How it works

Facebook will take subscribers within your designated ConvertKit segment and will then add (or remove) those subscribers from the Facebook custom audience synced to that segment.

However, this custom audience has to first exist in Facebook.

Once you authorize ConvertKit<>Facebook, when you go to edit a segment, Creator Pro users will see the option to sync the segment with (existing) Facebook custom audiences. Choosing a custom audience will add the segment's subscribers to the Facebook custom audience.

If a subscriber leaves the segment, ConvertKit will remove that subscriber from the audience.

Use cases

Here are some examples of how you might take advantage of this feature:

  • Target all your Subscribers with ads for your most recent articles

  • Target those who are tagged as interested in a particular product, but haven’t yet purchased it

  • Run a continual lookalike audience for your best Subscribers, to attract more like them

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list! Overall, this feature will help you incorporate even more personalization into your marketing strategy.

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