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How to Add Custom Fields to Forms & Landing Pages
How to Add Custom Fields to Forms & Landing Pages

With our new form builder, you can easily add custom fields to your opt-ins!

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Adding custom fields to your forms and landing pages is easier than you might expect!

Before you can add a custom field to a form or landing page, first you need to create that custom field in your account. We have a separate tutorial on that here!

Once your custom fields have been created, they're ready to be added to your opt-ins. 🎉Here's how!

NOTE: For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll be using a form as a demo, but this process is the same across all of our form and landing page templates.

1. On the form builder, click the plus (+) sign to create a new field

Currently, this is just a blank field not connected to anything. It needs to be configured further, which brings us to our next steps. 

2. Click your newly-created field to reveal its settings in the sidebar

Once a field is clicked, the form builder sidebar updates to reveal the custom field settings.

3. Configure your custom field settings

Let's go over each of those sidebar settings, and how you are able to configure them for your custom field:

Save as

Select whether this is a custom field, or a tag. For this tutorial, you'll want to select custom field.

NOTE: If you're interested in learning more about the tagging options we have for our opt-ins, we have a separate tutorial on that here!

Custom field

Start typing in this box to search for the custom fields you already created in your account.

Or, if you type something new, the system will now create a new custom field for you on the fly. Super handy!

In either case, choose the custom field you want to connect to this form field:

You'll notice first name is an option as well, even though it's a default field. That's because you have the option to add or remove it from your form (i.e. if you remove it, you'll have to re-add it via this process).

Custom field label

This is the placeholder text that your subscriber will see on the input field before they fill it out. 

Our system will automatically populate the custom field's name here, and in many cases it's fine to leave that as is! But you have the option to change it to something else (such as if you'd like the custom field's name to remain internal, or if you want your subscribers to see a different label/prompt on the form).

Required checkbox

Check this box if this custom field must be filled out in order for the subscriber to submit the form. Leave it unchecked if it's optional.

Delete field

Click this button to delete this field from your form. This won't delete the custom field from your account entirely, just its input field on this particular form.

NOTE: The email address field is mandatory for all of your opt-ins. As a result, you'll notice it has fewer configurations available in its sidebar settings:

Namely, you aren't able to map it to a different field, uncheck the required checkbox for it, nor are you able to delete it from your form, like you can for other custom fields.

If you're getting an error when trying to sign up to the form, check that you haven't labeled the email address field as a custom field.

Font Color, Border Color, and Font Weight

Use these settings to adjust the visual styles for this field!

3. [Optional] Rearrange your form fields

Your form's fields can be easily rearranged at any time simply by dragging and dropping:

4. Save your form

That's it! Once everything is configured to your liking, save your form as per usual, and you're good to go.

Having trouble? Check out our troubleshooting guide below:

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