If you're having trouble with your RSS Feed automation, below are some common troubleshooting tips that may help. 

NOTE: Be sure to check out our full guide on setting up your RSS Feed!

Images are not responsive on mobile

This happens because of the way the image was brought into CK. (It has a height value added to it.) Our system doesn't automatically strip the value out, so the best option is to set it to not send automatically, so that it creates a draft instead. Then, go into each draft and click on the < > icon to switch to HTML edit mode, and remove the height values from each image (usually there are two), then click save and send. 

RSS isn't pulling in a new feed

There are a couple of settings to check here: 

  • Is the RSS set to single post or digest? 

  • Is it set to generate more often than just once a week? (Any hiccups could skip that week if it's only once.)

The RSS feed can take up to a couple hours to create the post information, and we process usually within 30 mins of when we detect that feed to create the draft.

The RSS feed isn't working

First, check to see if the URL is loading correctly. When you load the RSS URL directly into the browser, does it actually load the information? 

If the answer is no, or something doesn't look correct, the URL might be wrong.

The title information is incorrect or the post doesn't show the full feed (or something similar)

The system will process whatever the RSS pulls, so if that's how it comes out, that's likely what the RSS is set to produce and we can't override this. 

The best option might be to check and see if you can change your RSS setting, or create a draft and modify accordingly.

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