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Sequence: Common Troubleshooting Steps
Sequence: Common Troubleshooting Steps

How to troubleshoot common sequence sending issues in ConvertKit

Updated over a week ago

Here are some common troubleshooting steps to try, if your sequences aren't sending as expected:

  • Is the sending address a custom domain address? Free email addresses don't allow mass sending and may cause failed emails. You can check in your sequence settings for this. 

  • Are there Subscribers currently active on the sequence? If not, then the sequence won't send yet!

  • Are the Sequence emails published? You'd be surprised how often this happens.

  • Is the Sequence able to send on the set sending days?

  • Were last minute changes made? Any last-minute edits or changes may cause the sequence emails to miss their designated sending window.

  • Are there any exclusions in the sequence (individual email filters or full-sequence exclusions in the settings)? Exclusions are great when used minimally. If you aren't seeing your emails send, this is a great place to check. 

  • Were subscribers added to the sequence through a Visual Automation before the sequence was published? Those users may now be 'unsubscribed' or 'completed' on that sequence and will not receive any of the emails.

  • Is the sequence part of a Visual Automation that is paused? They will not resume getting emails until it is published.

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