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Share your automations with your audience
Share your automations with your audience

How to share a visual automation with your clients directly from your ConvertKit account.

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As an affiliate, it's important to teach everything you know.

We made this a little easier for you by creating shareable links for your own automations. You have the ability to share a Visual Automation, with your audience, directly from your account!

NOTE: You'll need to input your affiliate link in your ConvertKit account settings for the visual automation link to be connected to your affiliate account.

To see if you've already added your unique affiliate link to your ConvertKit account, click under your Account Settings > Advanced:

If that field looks like this instead:'ll need to copy your link from LinkMink. Follow these steps:

Need to find your affiliate link? 

Login to your Affiliate account dashboard and navigate to your core link on the left side of the dashboard, copy the link, and paste it in the "affiliate link" field in your ConvertKit account's Advanced Settings.

Once this is complete, you'll be able to easily share your visual automations with your clients! To do this, click into the visual automation you'd like to share and click 'Share!'

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