NOTE: This video also goes over how to incorporate your affiliate link into the sharing page, if you’re interested — skip to 1:18 if you just want the sharing tutorial!

You can create and share your Visual Automations, from within your ConvertKit account!

With this feature, you can publicly share your Visual Automation as a template that others can copy into their account!

This includes everything.

Tags, Sequences (and content), Custom Fields, Forms, and more- all of these can be shared!

NOTE: If you share a visual automation, its notes will be included. This is helpful if you want to add instructions or comments on how your automation works!

To use this feature you can go into any Automation, (Automations tab > select your Automation), and click the Share icon at the top. From there you can toggle it on, or off, and grab a link that can be shared.

This then generates a page that both customers, and non-customers alike, can see:

A non-customer would be able to sign up through this page, and receive the Automation, as well as all of it's contents, after joining.

Use Cases

Feel free to share your Visual Automation in blog posts, webinars, and on social platforms. This feature is for YOU to share your work, to help your audience.

You can now reference an Automation that you designed, share how it works, and then provide an exact copy for your Subscribers to use!

How to become a ConvertKit Affiliate

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