Ever felt like this guy when your CSV won't import correctly?

Importing CSVs can be very simple, but can be frustrating if there is a road block in your way.

Here's how to solve import issues for your ConvertKit account.

When Your CSV Won't Upload

This can happen for several reasons. Let's rule them out:

Solution 1: Your Import File is not a CSV or EXL file. If your file does not have the .csv or .xls file extension, this could be keeping ConvertKit from reading it and pulling it into the system.

Solution 2: Your CSV columns do not start with the first line saying First name, Email and consecutive Custom Field names. This can cause your CSV file to not read correctly. Change the first row to match with the information under in each column, and this should resolve it!

My CSV Subscriber Count and ConvertKit Account Count Don't Match For My Import

Solution 1: If you have just imported your Subscribers, it can take a few minutes for the reporting to catch up. (Remember, your account operates on a cache and refresh cycle!) If, however, a significant amount of time has passed, and your reporting is still off, check Solution 2 below.

Solution 2: If your import includes Subscribers that are already on your list, your count will vary from what you expected initially. ConvertKit will never duplicate a Subscriber, but will always combine the two.

Solution 3: If your CSV has all new Subscribers, but some are duplicates, the duplicates will only be counted as one Subscriber.

Importing Email Subscribers

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