Legacy Email Editor

The complete guide to the Legacy editor.

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NOTE: The legacy editor was, for many years, just "the editor." The new editor was rolled out starting in 2019. After several iterations, it was made the standard and became just "the editor." If your ConvertKit account is from 2021 or later, chances are you don't even have access to the legacy editor anymore.

You'll find our email editor on the Sequences and Broadcast page. Here's what each option on the toolbar means!


Make your text bold. Like this.


Make your text Italic. Like this.

Deleted (strikethrough)

Add a strikethrough line to your text. Like th... uh, actually we can't make a strikethrough in our knowledge base.

Unordered List

Make a bulleted list.

  • Like

  • This

Ordered List

Make a numbered list.

  1. Like

  2. This


If you have indented text, move it towards the margin.


Move your text away from the margin. Both ordered and unordered lists are commonly indented.

Insert Image

Click this to insert an image into your email. An image uploader will appear:

Select the file from your computer to insert. All image formats accepted, including GIFs.

Insert File

Click to insert a link to a file into your image.

Use the file uploader to insert a PDF, video, etc. Most common formats accepted.

Be sure to either write a name for your file in the text field, or highlight some email text before clicking "Insert File." Your file will be inserted into your message like a hyperlink, not an email attachment.


Click here to add a hyperlink to your email.

Place your link in the URL box and the hyperlink text in the text box. If you highlight text first, this text will automatically appear in the text box.

If you are including a Link Trigger, be sure to select the Link Trigger from the menu on the right.


Change the alignment of your email text. Choose from left, right, center and justify.

Insert Horizontal Rule

Add a horizontal line to your email.

Like this:


Select from the different text formatting styles in the menu. Each style has a default, but you can customize these in your email template.


Access the HTML editor of your email. When you click this, the email editor will switch to a black background and the HTML code in your email will show:

Please note this is not the place to add any CSS or custom styling. You can do that in your email template.

Font Size

Change the size of your text in your emails. Choose from preset options or set a customized size in your template.

The default font size is 14px.

Font Color

Change the color of your text. Use the color chooser or add a specific hex code.

Insert Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to call your Subscriber by first name, and insert their email address if necessary. We also provide a fallback option, in case your Subscribers didn't enter a first name when opting in.

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