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Adding files to your emails
Adding files to your emails

How to add files to Broadcast and Sequence emails in ConvertKit.

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Adding a file to your emails is quick and easy!

In this article, we'll walk you through exactly how to do it.

☝️ NOTE: The file will be included in the email as a downloadable file, not an attachment.

Add your file to a Broadcast or Sequence email

In the email editor, select "File" from the content block menu options.

Follow the prompts to select a file from your computer to upload to the email. Once you pick a file, you'll see a new link appear, labeled as the file name.

To change the link text, simply start typing your new link text anywhere within the current file name. After that, delete the parts of the current file name from your email.

NOTE: We don't recommend typing your new link text at the start or end of the current file name. That's because your next link text might not end up being linked, as shown below:

To be safe, start typing your new link text somewhere in the middle of the current file name.

What types of files can be added to emails?

You can include files in these formats:

  • PDFs

  • Images

  • Documents

  • Videos

  • MP3

A maximum file size of 10 MB is recommended—that file size is the maximum allowed by many email clients. 

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