You may have delivered files using Incentive Emails - which is a great way to get subscribers on your list.

But what about those times when you want to add files to a Broadcast or Sequence email?

Adding a file is quick and easy!

In the email editor, select "File" from the insert menu options. 

Once a file is selected, you'll see a new link appear labeled as the file name. To change the link text, just highlight it and type in anything you'd like. 

Note: The included file is a download, not an attachment directly included with your email. 

What types of files can be included?

You can include files in these formats:

  • PDF

  • Images

  • Documents

  • Videos

  • MP3

A maximum file size of 10mb is recommended - that file size is the maximum allowed by many email providers. 

The New Email Editor

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