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Why do I need to get my account approved?
Why do I need to get my account approved?

What our approval process is and why we require it.

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One of the most important features we can offer at ConvertKit is great deliverability. We want to make sure your emails get to your subscribers, and then get opened!

We ask that all new accounts send us a link to their blog before we enable email sending. We do this to make sure:

  1. You're a real person

  2. You own your domain

  3. You're creating quality content that is valuable, educational, and that people want to know!

You can send us a link to your blog right away, or take some time to explore ConvertKit before you do. You have full access to the app's features, like Forms, Sequences and Broadcasts, so you can start building your funnels. And when you're ready to start sending, send us a quick email and we'll take care of it for you!

We may ask for additional information, like historical Open and Click rates, or your plans for email marketing. 

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