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Grow your list with content upgrades
Grow your list with content upgrades

Get more subscribers with content you already have!

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One of the best ways of growing your email list is with a content upgrade.

ConvertKit creators, like Katie at Wellness Mama, have used this strategy to exponentially grow their list, and it's really easy to do!

Create a content upgrade

Start by making it simple.

Go into Google Analytics, and find the post with the most traffic. Copy that URL. Done.

That’s your first content upgrade!

At this point, if you're thinking,

“Why would I create an opt-in for a post that already exists on my blog?” 

It’s a fair question, but the truth is that people are not diligently searching through your archives for the best posts. You need to guide them there!

A popular post has already done the heavy lifting for you by proving its worth. Allow it to continue doing so.

Next level

The next level is to create a complimentary bonus to that popular post!

This could be a checklist, a resource guide, a chapter of your book, or bonus audio content from an interview.

So go ahead and get that set up.

Create a form in ConvertKit

Create a new form in ConvertKit and write your form's headline.

To keep it simple, use the headline of your popular post as the attention-grabber for the form. Remember, allow the content that has already proven itself valuable to do the hard work.

Now, go to the Settings tab to deliver the upgrade. If you are using the popular post method, click “Redirect to another page” upon subscription, and paste the URL in so the reader immediately goes to the post.

Another option is to click the Incentive tab, and if you’re giving away a PDF download (or other file), upload that file to the incentive email!

You'll need to first check the box for Send incentive email.

By default, your form will be set to double opt-in, which raises the barrier to entry for new subscribers. However, subscribers who click to confirm, and receive their incentive, are far more likely to stay with you for the long haul!

After checking the option to send an incentive email, you can edit the email by selecting Edit Email Contents.

You can also check the box to ✅ Auto-confirm new subscribers. This option will still send the incentive email so subscribers can download their incentive, but it will no longer require that they click the button to confirm their subscription.

Be sure to set where the the button in the incentive email will send subscribers, whether they will get sent to a specific URL, or they'll get an uploaded file to download.

Style your form and choose your display options

In the General styles menu in the sidebar, you’ll see the current form template you’re using, as well as an option to change it.

Depending on the form template you’re using, you’ll also see other main style options such as background color, border radius, and background image.

You also have the option to add custom CSS.

NOTE: These styling options will change as you click different parts of your form, such as the form fields, subscribe button, and even the 'Powered by ConvertKit' link. To return to the main style settings of your form, click the General styles text at the top of the sidebar.

Embed your form on your website

You’ll place the form on your site the same way as any other. For example, you can paste the JavaScript code, raw HTML, or use the WordPress plugin option.

NOTE FOR LEADPAGE USERS: If you are already using the Lead Magnet delivery options they provide, you do not need to replicate that option in ConvertKit. Just follow our standard LeadPages integration tips to make sure your subscribers are sent to the right place!

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