WishList Member Integration

Connect WishList Member to your ConvertKit account.

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Bring the power of ConvertKit to your WishList Member website

Want to automatically subscribe WishList Member users to your ConvertKit newsletter, or add ConvertKit subscribers to your WishList Member website?

All these are possible with our WishList Member integration. And in this article, we’ll show you how!

For the integration, you will need:

  1. The WishList Member plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website

Connect WishList Member with ConvertKit

Copy your ConvertKit API Secret from the Advanced tab of your account settings in ConvertKit.

Next, go to your WordPress website. From the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WishList Member > Setup > Integrations.

In the Email Providers tab, select ConvertKit.

Click the Configure button. Paste your ConvertKit API Secret into the form that pops up, then click Save & Close.

Set up your Membership Level Actions and Tag Actions

Once you’ve connected your ConvertKit account to WishList Member, you’ll get new options for configuring your Membership Level Actions and Tag Actions.

In the Membership Level Actions tab, you can state the ConvertKit form, landing page or tag that your members should be added to (or removed from) when they are:

  • Added to a Membership Level

  • Removed from a Membership Level

  • Canceled from a Membership Level

  • Uncanceled from a Membership Level

Separately, in the Tag Actions tab, you can set up what will happen to a user’s “Membership Level” or “Pay Per Post” settings when that user is added to, or removed from, a certain ConvertKit tag.

Just click on the + Add Tag Action button to create your Tag Actions.

And that’s all there is to it!

Watch this WishList Member video to learn more about integrating ConvertKit with WishList Member:

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