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How to Determine the Status of a Broadcast
How to Determine the Status of a Broadcast

Understand the status you're seeing for your broadcast, and some frequently asked questions.

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Did my Broadcast actually send? Is my Broadcast stuck? If you’re asking yourself these questions, here’s how to find out.

On the right side of your Broadcasts page, you’ll see a few different statuses. Each one indicates a different state your broadcast (one-off) emails can be in.

Broadcast statuses and what they mean


These are Broadcasts that have not yet been sent.


These are Broadcasts that are currently being sent.

As your Broadcast sends, you’ll see the percentage of recipients that it’s been delivered to. You can find the sending percentage on your Broadcasts dashboard, as well as within each individual broadcast report.

NOTE: Most of the time, Broadcasts send very quickly, so you may not see the Processing status unless your recipients list is quite large, you're doing an A/B test, or during times of heavy system use (see below for more info).


These are Broadcasts that are scheduled for a later send time.


These are Broadcasts that have previously been sent.

☝️ Click straight to what you need:

  • Want to see your Broadcasts in process? Click 'Draft.'

  • Want to see which Broadcasts are scheduled? Click 'Queued.'

  • Want to look through previously sent Broadcasts? Click 'Completed.'


Why is my Broadcast still processing?

When you press "send", your Broadcast enters a queue. Depending on how many other ConvertKit users are sending messages, and how messages are being sent, Broadcasts can take some time to process.

Give your Broadcast a little time to get through the queue. If you see your Broadcast is queued or processing, please do not create a duplicate to send instead. Your Broadcast will be sent, and so will any duplicates. (You don’t want to send your Subscribers the same email twice!)

If you do not see your Broadcast send within an hour, please contact support and we can look into what might be the culprit.

Note: If you’re sending an A/B test, our testing window is 4 hours which will keep the Broadcast in a processing status until after the 4 hours is up.

How are broadcasts ordered?

Broadcasts are ordered by date they were created, not necessarily the date they were sent or scheduled.

Find out more about Broadcast reporting in the next article! 👇

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