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How to get subscribers from ClickFunnels to ConvertKit

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ClickFunnels is a sales and marketing funnel system that integrates with ConvertKit!

With this integration, you can automatically add your ClickFunnels subscribers to ConvertKit and start sending them email campaigns.

Here’s how to set up the integration:

1. Get your ConvertKit API Key

Log into your ConvertKit account. Click your account name at the top right of the ConvertKit dashboard, followed by Settings.

On the Settings page, click Advanced in the left sidebar.

Scroll down to the API section of the Advanced Settings page and copy your API Key.

2. Add your ConvertKit API Key to your ClickFunnels account

Next, log into your ClickFunnels account in a separate browser tab.

Hover over your account name at the top right of the ClickFunnels dashboard, then click Account Settings.

Click Integrations in the left sidebar.

Click the + Add New Integration button on the top right of the Integrations page.

Do a search for “ConvertKit” in the “Search Available Integrations” search bar and select the ConvertKit option.

Give your ConvertKit integration a name, then paste the API Key you had copied in step 1.

Click the Add Integration button and you’re done.

There may be a slight delay before your ClickFunnels subscribers start appearing in your ConvertKit account. Hang tight as the sync takes place. ↔

Troubleshooting ClickFunnels integration errors

Help, I’m seeing a “Failed to Successfully Connect ConvertKit API” error!

If you’re encountering this error in ClickFunnels, check that you have created at least one email form in your ConvertKit account.

After that, try connecting ConvertKit with ClickFunnels again!

I’m facing other issues with the ClickFunnels integration.

If the issue is occurring on the ClickFunnels platform, such as your tags not showing up, contact the ClickFunnels team.

As the developer of the integration, they will be best equipped to troubleshoot the matter!

Adding ClickFunnels subscribers to a ConvertKit Visual Automation

As ClickFunnels subscribers are added to your ConvertKit account, you can send them automated email campaigns using a Visual Automation.

Learn more about Visual Automations and how to set one up here 👇

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