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Restrict Sequence emails to certain days of the week
Restrict Sequence emails to certain days of the week

How to limit your Sequence emails to send on only certain days.

Updated over a week ago

Do you want to send a specific Sequence email on only a particular day of the week?

You can, and here's how.

Open your Sequence and the particular email you'd like to restrict.

Click the dropdown under Send this email.

Deselect the days of the week you want this email to not send.

That's it! Your changes will save automatically. (If you're using our legacy email editor, be sure to save your changes.)

This feature is if you would like certain Sequence emails to have specific settings. If you want to restrict all your Sequence emails to the same days of the week, it's easier to edit that in your Sequence's Sequence Schedule settings.

NOTE: It used to be that the first email set to Immediately would ignore all Send Day restrictions and send immediately even on deselected days. While this is still the case if you restrict the sending days under 'settings', the per-email filter overrules that.

This means that if you set the first email to go out immediately-but only-on-Sundays and someone subscribes on, say, Friday, that email will not send until the following Sunday.

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