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Filtering the Insights dashboards
Filtering the Insights dashboards

How to filter your Insights dashboard by subscriber statuses, page interactions, and purchases.

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Insights is a closed beta feature. Only users who receive an invite can join the beta.

Zoom in on your Insights data 🔍

Use the filter option at the top of each Insights dashboard to filter your reports and view the exact data you want to see.

Set up the first filter and click Add Filter if you need to apply additional filters. Then, click Save Filters, and your reports will update automatically with the insights matching your filter.

Here’s the range of available filters and how they work:


The Subscribers filters allow you to filter your reports based on different information you have about your subscribers. It’s a great way of comparing and contrasting how your segments are performing against each other.


Subscriber Created: Subscribers created in the specified date range. This is when a subscriber joined your list.

Marketing Status: Subscribers who have either subscribed or unsubscribed from your email list.

Tag Name: Subscribers who have the specified Tag(s) applied to them. You’ll see a drop-down list of all of your Tags.


Email: Subscribers with the specified email address.

Full Name: Subscribers with the specified full name.

Custom fields

Select the subscriber custom field you want to filter your report with. For any custom field you select to filter by, you’ll be able to choose an operator to filter your insights the way you want.

Viewed Page

This will allow you to look at the dashboards based on how subscribers have interacted with your website or landing pages. This is particularly useful if you want to see how a landing page is performing for you.

Select the property of the page viewed by subscribers that you want to filter your report with. These properties include Channel, Campaign, Medium, Source, Content, Term, Domain, Page, Referrer, and Click Date.

You can filter all the above properties by the following types:

  • First: The date of the latest tracked click before the contact was created.

  • Opt-in: The date of the latest tracked click before the contact subscribed to your email list (up to 60 minutes before).

  • Purchase: The date of the latest tracked click before the contact made a purchase (up to 60 minutes before).

  • Any: Any of the above property types.

Placed Purchase

This allows you to gain insights about how your customers found your website, joined your email list, and converted to a customer.


Product Name: Specific ConvertKit Commerce product(s). This filter will return insights about customers who have purchased the specified product.

Product Price: Price range. This filter will return insights about customers who have purchased a product within the specified price range.


Order Created: Contacts who have placed an order within the specified date range.

Order Amount: Contacts whose order amount is within the specified amount range.

Order Status: Contacts whose orders have specified statuses like paid in full, partially paid, subscription payment, refunded, and so on.

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