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Onboarding the Newsletter Plan
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Ready to grow your list to 10,000 subscribers on the Newsletter Plan? Let’s help you get set up.

ConvertKit account setup

When you created your ConvertKit account on the Newsletter Plan, you immediately:

All three of these things are growth tools on the Newsletter Plan that are designed to help you build your audience faster and more sustainably. Let’s dive into what each of these components are.

Build your Creator Profile

What is the Creator Profile?

ConvertKit’s Creator Profile is your mini-website and newsletter feed. It’s a piece of asset that you can start using immediately to share with your social media followers to get them to start joining your email list.

What was created when I joined?

We started to fill out your Creator Profile for you when you answered the questions in the onboarding survey. So far, you have already updated your Creator Profile’s:

  • Business/brand/newsletter name

  • Description about you

  • Custom ConvertKit domain

  • Photo

  • Recommendations

This is just to give you a head start! We recommend you further optimize it by choosing your design template of choice, personalizing your bio a little bit more, and even setting up your own custom domain if you already have one

What can I do with my Creator Profile?

Share it! It’s a great way to start getting new subscribers and share with your audience the content you already have. Here are a few examples:

  • Email capture: Immediately, you can share your Creator Profile to start collecting email addresses of your audience who are eager to learn more about new things you’re releasing soon.

  • Social media link-in-bio: Add it to your Instagram, X/Twitter, and YouTube descriptions. This makes it easy for your followers to find all the other content you are publishing online (and get them to join your email list!).

  • Newsletter feed: Don’t have an email list yet? That shouldn’t stop you from writing. When you publish new Broadcasts, you can publish them to the newsletter feed of your Creator Profile. It’s like having a blog without having to build one out.

How can I edit my Creator Profile?

Go to Grow > Creator Profile to make the edits you want. You’ll be able to change:

  • Design & Template

  • Navigation Menu

  • Newsletter posts

  • Products

  • Recommendations

  • Links

  • Domain

  • SEO

Auto-enrollment into Creator Network

What is the Creator Network?

The Creator Network is a network of thousands of ConvertKit creators. One of the pain points of being a creator is getting your name out there. With the Creator Network, you can increase the discoverability of your work with like-minded people and even creators who are working within your niche.

Introducing the Creator Network: ConvertKit’s new product to help creators collaborate and grow

By being in the Creator Network, you also have access to Recommendations.

What does this auto-enrollment mean? What do I have to do?

On the Newsletter Plan, you are auto-enrolled and required to be in the Creator Network. This means that Recommendations are auto-enabled on all your forms and the creators you recommend are automatically selected for you.

You can choose to curate your own Recommendations and even add more! That’s completely up to you.

Editing my Recommendations

What are Free and Smart Recommendations?

Recommendations is one of our growth features that helps you grow your list. With the creators in the Creator Network, you can use Recommendations to refer your audience to each other and grow your list faster and more organically.

Free Recommendations are when you recommend a creator. There are no financial incentives associated and by sending another creator quality subscribers, they may reciprocate as well. It’s a network of creators benefiting from one another.

Smart Recommendations is an auto-recommendation of creators with similar content. This makes finding relevant Recommendations even easier for you.

You can also run Paid Recommendations for which you get paid to promote other creators, but only on the Creator and Creator Pro Plans.

How can I edit my Recommendations?

Creator Network and Recommendations are required on the Newsletter Plan. While you can make edits to who you recommend, you must recommend at least one creator and Recommendations will also be automatically enabled on all your Forms.

You can go to Grow > Recommendations > My Recommendations to make the changes you want to your modal:

  • Creators you recommend

  • Total number of Recommendations

  • Customizing the order of Recommendations

Why is my last Recommendation locked?

This locked Recommendation is a ConvertKit-managed Recommendation, which is required on the Newsletter Plan. The ConvertKit-managed Recommendation slot automatically pulls in either a Free or Paid Recommendation.

For us to keep this plan free for up to 10,000 subscribers with all of its features, ConvertKit will keep 100% of any Paid Recommendation earnings generated from this slot.

Can I turn off Recommendations?

To turn off Recommendations, you’ll need to upgrade to either our Creator or Creator Pro Plan. By upgrading, you’ll get the ability to:

  • Curate your own list of Recommendations

  • Remove the locked Recommendation

  • Set up Paid Recommendations to get paid for promoting other creators

You’ll also get access to a lot more powerful automation features.

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