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Displaying Creator Network Recommendations on third-party forms
Displaying Creator Network Recommendations on third-party forms

Learn how to enable Creator Network Recommendations on forms managed by third-party platforms.

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Enable Recommendations on your third-party forms in minutes

If you're using third-party forms instead of ConvertKit Forms on your website, here's how you can display your Creator Network Recommendations on them!

At this time, Thrive Leads, GrowForm, MailMunch, Carrd and NinjaForms forms are not supported. But note that Mediavine's Grow is supported.

NOTE: Please disable any redirects you have put in place with your third-party forms before enabling Recommendations. If you still have a submission redirect in place, that will prevent the Recommendations popup from appearing.

Please test your form after you set it up to make sure everything is working as expected.

For Gravity Forms

If you are using Gravity Forms, make sure you have the ConvertKit Gravity Forms plugin add-on installed first. This will connect ConvertKit with Gravity Forms on your website.

Once you do that, you can display Recommendations on your form by toggling the Enable Creator Network Recommendations setting under your form's Form Settings.

You'll need to enable HTML5 output for Gravity Forms for this setting to appear.

Click Save Settings to save your changes.

Finally, you'll need to make sure AJAX is enabled on the form's settings, under Advanced:

For all other supported third-party forms

If you have our ConvertKit WordPress plugin installed on your WordPress website, you'll be able to enable Recommendations on your third-party forms via the plugin soon!

Copy the Recommendations code snippet

Go to the My Recommendations page of your Recommendations settings. Click the Settings tab in the left sidebar of that page.

Click the Edit button under the Recommending on section.

A Select where to show recommendations window will pop up.

Click the Are you using third-party form plugins? dropdown on it, then copy the code snippet that appears.

Add the code to your form's page

Using your HTML editor, open the page with the form on which you want to display Recommendations.

Paste the Recommendations code snippet you copied earlier anywhere on this page. Adding the code just above your form's code works great.

For example, here's how things look when pasting the code into a Showit web page:

Save your changes.

How to test your Recommendations

Launch the live version of your form and try subscribing to it with a test email address.

As you do so, check whether your Recommendations appear after you've submitted the form. If the popup appears, then everything is working great!

Is the Recommendations popup not showing?

If you've followed the steps in this article and your Recommendations aren't showing on your third-party form, contact support using the in-app messenger and we'll look into it.

NOTE: At this time, Thrive Leads, GrowForm, MailMunch, Carrd and NinjaForms forms are not supported. But Mediavine's Grow is supported.

You can also consider displaying your Recommendations on a ConvertKit Form instead. The article below explains how to set this up:

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