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Saving your brand color palette in ConvertKit
Saving your brand color palette in ConvertKit

Conveniently save up to five colors in your ConvertKit account for use when designing your email assets.

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Do you have a palette of brand colors you regularly use in your email assets?

Instead of constantly pulling up their HTML color codes from elsewhere, you can save them in your ConvertKit account for easy access. ๐ŸŽจ

Go to your account settings by clicking your name at the top right of the navigation, followed by Settings.

After that, select the General tab in the left sidebar.

Under the Saved colors section, you'll be able to save the HTML codes for up to five colors. Just click any color tile to save a color there!

When you've done so, your saved colors will appear in the color picker for customizing the colors of your ConvertKit forms, landing pages, email templates, and other email assets.

Apart from going to your account settings, you can also update your saved colors by clicking the settings icon under the color picker's Saved colors section.

NOTE: Updating your saved colors will not change the colors of any email assets you've created beforehand.

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