Who doesn't love a discount? 🀩

If you've added a rich embed of a ConvertKit Commerce product to your email, you can include a discount for it.

Here's how to set this up.

Set up a discount for your ConvertKit Commerce product

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to set up a discount for your main ConvertKit Commerce product.

Learn how to do so in our separate guide to setting up ConvertKit Commerce product discounts.

Add a discount to your product embed

Open the broadcast or sequence email that contains your ConvertKit Commerce product embed.

Click the product embed to launch the Product menu in the email editor's right sidebar.

Toggle the Include a discount setting to enable it, then select the discount you want to apply to your product embed.

The product embed will reflect the discount automatically.

Don't want to offer a discount? Then disable the Include a discount setting.

More info on customizing the product embed here πŸ‘‡

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