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How to navigate your account using Quick Find
How to navigate your account using Quick Find

Get shortcuts to your most commonly visited ConvertKit pages

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We know you’re short on time. You need to find what you’re looking for in your ConvertKit account as fast as possible.

That’s why we created Quick Find 🔍

With Quick Find, you can use shortcut keys to get to your most commonly visited pages, making it even easier for you to navigate your account.

You can search for a broadcast, sequence, automation, or subscriber from any page in ConvertKit.

Not only does this cut down the time spent loading pages, it also means you don’t have to click through different pages to start writing your emails 🙌

With Quick Find, you can:

  • Easily find content you’ve previously sent

  • Look up an existing subscriber to check their subscription history

  • Create a new broadcast or landing page

  • Find a product you’ve created with ConvertKit Commerce

  • And tons more!

How to use Quick Find

To pull up the Quick Find menu, look for the ⚡ icon in the bottom left corner (it may not show up on all pages, but you can always find it on your dashboard):

You can click the icon, but it's easier to use the following keyboard shortcuts from any page:

  • On a Mac: Command + K

  • On a PC: Ctrl + K

From the Quick Find box, you can see all the keyboard shortcuts available to you.

To use the shortcuts, simply click away from the Quick Find box and then type the keys on your keyboard.

For example, let's say you want to go to the Subscribers page. Click away from the Quick Find box, then type G followed by S.

What can I do with Quick Find?

Great question! There are so many options. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create a new broadcast → type N then B

  • Find a subscriber → type F then S (this command will pull up a search bar for you to find the subscriber you’re looking for)

  • Go to products → type G then P (for PC, use Ctrl + P)

  • Find a help article → type G then H

  • Find a tag → type F then T

Searching with Quick Find

Quick Find lets you search for exactly what you're looking for. Here's what you can search for:

  • Broadcasts: Search by subject line

  • Sequences: Search by sequence name

  • Automations: Search by automation name

  • Subscribers: Search by email address

  • Tags/Segments: Search by tag/segment name

Note: you won't be able to search for forms and landing pages just yet.

We hope that Quick Find makes navigating your ConvertKit account much easier!

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