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Survey your exiting subscribers to understand why they’re unsubscribing

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Having someone unsubscribe from your email list can feel disheartening, but the truth is that some people just aren’t the right fit for your list.

They might not be into the same topics that they were when they signed up, or they could be getting too many other emails from other people.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess why people are unsubscribing from your list anymore.

With an unsubscribe survey, you can find out exactly why your subscribers are saying goodbye to your email list.

Here’s how the unsubscribe survey works and how you can set it up in your ConvertKit account:

Enabling or disabling the unsubscribe survey

By default, the unsubscribe survey is disabled.

To enable or disable the survey, navigate to Settings > Email:

Below your mailing address, you can enable or disable the survey by toggling the button. You can disable or enable this setting at any time.

Unsubscribe survey options

If the unsubscribe survey is turned on, subscribers will see the following survey after they click the unsubscribe button in any of your emails:

Here the subscriber will be able to choose their reason for unsubscribing (they can only select one):

  • I no longer want to receive these emails

  • I never signed up for this mailing list

  • The emails are inappropriate

  • The emails are spam and should be reported

  • Other reason

Once they’ve selected their response, they can submit their answer. Even if they don’t select a reason, they will already be unsubscribed at this point.

Finding your survey results

You can find the results from your unsubscribe surveys from your Subscribers page (Grow > Subscribers). In the top right, you’ll see an ‘Unsubscribes’ tab.

From the Unsubscribes tab, you’ll see a graph showing how many subscribers chose each reason:

You can use these results to get a better understanding of why people are choosing to leave your list.

If you notice patterns in certain areas, you may want to adjust your email marketing strategy to better suit your subscribers’ needs.

Want to customize your unsubscribe text? Check this out 👇

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