Podcast promotion made easy

After you’ve published a new public podcast episode on Transistor it’s time to share it with your fanbase.

But instead of writing your broadcast emails from scratch in ConvertKit, set up our RSS feed feature and we’ll generate these emails for you. ✌️

Then, all you need to do is to double-check the email before sending it. You can even have the email sent out automatically if you’d like!

Let’s cover how to set this up.

Copy your podcast’s RSS feed URL

In the Transistor dashboard for your podcast, click on the RSS Feed button.

A window containing your podcast’s RSS feed URL will pop up. Click on the RSS feed URL and copy it.

Set up a new RSS automation for your podcast in ConvertKit

NOTE: New to RSS feeds? Then read our guide on how to set up an RSS feed in ConvertKit.

Log into your ConvertKit account and go to RSS under the Automate tab in the navigation.

Click on the + Add feed button to create a new RSS feed, then paste your podcast’s RSS feed URL into the “Feed URL” field:

After that, design your RSS email:

Finally, set up your RSS email settings.

If everything looks good, enable then save your new RSS automation. You’re done! 🎉

Now, whenever you publish a new public podcast episode in Transistor, ConvertKit will create a new draft broadcast promoting that episode, ready for you to send out.

As the next step, how would you like to be able to monetize your podcast? 💰

Check out our guide below to learn how. 👇

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